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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.
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For news about the ' 2009 Open Day ' and the Event which it is a part of,
Visit the Web site here:- Darling Buds Classic Car Show

Links to other Historic Computer Sites:-

Time-Line computer Archive:-
A new site with plenty to explore, a genuine multi system site
( including Arthur the other UK based 1301 computer )

Brian Spoor 1900 systems Programmer :- See his 1900 site.

Frank Moony a Leo engineer :- Leo Information Web Site

Aconit in Grenoble :- A multi system site

The Ferranti-Orion website :- An important piece of Computer History

This machine has a real claim to be the very first
commercial multiprogramming computer in the world.

Jim Austins Great Computer Collection
Many systems and always something of interest:- Jim Austin.

Links to Operators Sites
Mike Curley who Worked at the ICL Data Center :- Mike Curley's pages.

Links to Engineers Sites
Mike Milsom ex-ICT/ICL and runs an interesting site :- Mike Milsom's pages,

Mike Trueblood, who invites you to visit :- " Mike's Home Page"

Computer Conservation Society Site :- Computer Conservation Society (uk)

Visit Keith Lightfoots's Site in NZ
A self confessed Computer Geek ( from before the term was invented ):-
Keith Lightfoot.

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